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In July 2016

Pop Son has been recording vocals on their latest album featuring Ed Robledo and Gabe Robledo. Gradie O’Neal is engineering.

Mariana DeSoto Hughes is finishing up her latin jazz/pop album. Jeannine O’Neal is producing and performing the instruments.

Marianne DelaTorre is in the studio finishing up her latest song for her new album to help the mentally ill. Jeannine O’Neal is arranging and performing the instruments.

JC Smith is producing a Christian Band with Gradie O’Neal engineering

Gwendolyn Thomas is starting  a new Gospel album with Jeannine O’Neal producing and performing the instruments

Barbara Romney is starting her new contemporary Christian album with Jeannine O’Neal producing and performing the instruments.

Charito is finishing her 2nd album Polvo de Estrellas. Charito is a Nicaraguan poet/singer/songwriter/musician. Jeannine O’Neal produced and performed the instruments.

In June 2016

In Studio B recording his 2nd album with Jeannine arranging & co-producing is artist Joe Kocher

www.joekochermusic.com  www.reverbnation.com/joekocher

His last album “Lost Souls Sessions” recorded at O’Neal Productions has been getting good reviews.

Also JC Smith is #1 on KSCU and has gotten great reviews on his latest album “Love Mechanic”  JC Smith recorded his third blues albums at the studio. Gradie engineering and Jeannine mixing and adding some guitars.


Hector Deleo is working on his cd with Jeannine producing and arranging 4 of the songs with 4 previously recorded. He will complete his release in the following weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

Tony Pham is recording a song with Jeannine producing and performing all the instruments in a beautiful Vietnamese song written by Tony.